A Message From Leaf

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our first two digital collectibles drops.  Leaf recognizes that there were a few flags on the field with our most recent release and we wish to address them all now. 

Leaf has been releasing physical trading cards for generations, and felt that there was no better home than WAX for the future generation of collectors. 

The 2021 Ultimate Draft Football drop was never intended to be just a one-off.  Rather, our goal is to make WAX the home for all of our future digital collectibles. The overwhelming support from WAX around 2021 Ultimate Draft Football was truly meaningful and we’re excited to be part of this community.

Our vision is to release a digital companion set for every physical card drop, from all new releases to our archive.  Over time, we’ll be adding utility to the collections, including metaverse crossover capabilities.

We’ll be finalizing a more formal roadmap iwe’re excited to share it with everyone as soon as possible. 

So why was this drop so different from the last one? 

The 2021 Ultimate Draft Football release was done in partnership with WAX and the WAX team took care of all the heavy lifting around the drop.  

Now, we’ve taken things in-house and the Leaf team will be handling all drops going forward.

Think of this as our “Rookie” season, and the Pro Set Power release was the first game.

Our team takes each release seriously, and we do extensive testing before a launch. We ran tens of thousands of internal simulations prior to the release and had zero errors from transaction to delivery. Going forward, we’ll do a test drop ahead of each release to ensure things are as smooth in the live environment as they are in testing.

We’re still researching the root cause of why certain orders did pass the WCW addresses to us during the transaction. It could be attributed to the WCW outage earlier in the week, among other potential factors. 

Our response time was severely hampered by simultaneous massive outages that took down AWS, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google/Google Cloud, Azure and countless others. We did our best to preserve as many low mint numbers right away to reserve for everyone affected by this. 

Leaf is committed to being the best teammates we can be for the long term, and while we strive to put up a W with every drop, we’ll learn from the fumbles along the way.

Additionally we’re going to hold back the first 500 packs from the next drop, and hold a private sale for those who experienced the delayed delivery. 

We’re also going to do a 1-for-1 pack match for ALL orders and will be airdropping your packs today. Packs will be airdropped based on the initial order date and time. We’ll jump into the Discord once all packs are out.

In an effort to make this second collection more accessible to our broader audience, we made the decision to conduct the sale in FIAT. Going forward, for the remainder of this drop and all future drops, packs will be available in both FIAT and WAX, and all customers will have an equal chance of the lowest mints.

Sales of the Pro Set Power packs will remain open until Mar 21, 2022 at 12:00 am CT. All unsold packs after that time will be held for ongoing promotional items to help the long term Leaf NFT program.

A full list of the cards in the collection will be posted to the Leaf Digital site in the coming days. In the meantime, all card filtering can be on Atomic Hub.


Many of you noticed the amount of available Pro Set Power packs was more than doubled from the UFD release. While this is not unique for different collections to have different available amounts, we look at each release individually and make the decisions based on a variety of factors.  

Just like with physical cards, misprints are bound to happen. Who doesn’t remember the famous Dale Murphy, Frank Thomas, and Billy Ripken misprints. There’s even one in the physical Pro Set Power release. 

We’ve identified the misprints in this drop and will gladly trade you a reprinted version matching your mint number. If you want to trade - fill out this form here and we’ll initiate the trade offer.

Trades will be accepted until May 1, 2022 at 12:00 am CT. 

The Leaf team now has access to the WAX Discord channel and we’ll be more active there.  Announcements and updates will go out there, on Twitter,  and through our email list (no spam).

Everyone working on this is extremely committed to building a real library of amazing digital collectibles with this amazing WAX community.  Leaf is here to build a winning team and we can’t do it without you!

Leftover packs will be held for ongoing promotional items to help the long term Leaf NFT program.

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