MAY 20, 2022


We're expecting to launch the Metal Pop Century 2021 repackaged configurations on Monday, 23 2022. Exact time is still TBD and will be announced in advance on Leaf's Twitter account and in the Wax Leaf Discord Channel.

The pack configurations for this release will stay the same as the previous release, but with volumetric pricing.

Prismatic/Super Prismatic

Contains Ten (10) 2021 Leaf Metal Pop Century Prismatic and/or Super Prismatic NFTs

1 - $15.00
10 or more - $12.50
25 or more - $10.00

  • Silver 41.11%, 
  • Blue 20.66%, 
  • Purple 12.40%, 
  • Pink 8.27%, 
  • Black 6.20%, 
  • Green 4.13%, 
  • Orange 2.07%, 
  • Red 1.24%, 
  • Gold 0.83%, 
  • RWB 2.07%, 
  • Fire 0.41%, 
  • Ice 0.41%, 
  • Super Prismatic 0.2%


Crystal/Super Prismatic

Contains Ten (10) 2021 Leaf Metal Pop Century Crystal and/or Super Prismatic NFTs

Crystal/Super Prismatic
1 - $20.00
10 or more - $17.50
25 or more - $15.00

  • Silver 33.22%, 
  • Blue 20.14%, 
  • Purple 13.42%, 
  • Pink 10.07%, 
  • Black 6.70%, 
  • Green 4.70%, 
  • Orange 3.36%, 
  • Red 2.01%, 
  • Gold 1.34%, 
  • RWB 3.36%, 
  • Fire 0.67%, 
  • Ice 0.67%, 
  • Super Prismatic 0.33%

MAY 13, 2022


All remaining unsold packs have been opened and the team has started the repacking process. Because so many original packs have been opened, and with the introduction of the super prismatic card as a new rarity level, all the new probabilities will be different, and we're essentially starting from scratch.

The pack configurations for this release will stay the same as the previous release, but with volumetric pricing.

1 - $15.00
10 or more - $12.50
25 or more - $10.00

1 - $20.00
10 or more - $17.50
25 or more - $15.00

We'll have information on the available number of sets, number of cards per set, and card probabilities by mid week. Our product team anticipates that the number of cards per set will remain around 10 per pack.

Pop Century will go back on sale on Friday May 20 at 12pm PT

Sales will remain open for a limited time. No specific time frame has been decided, but it will be in the 60-90 day range.

Packs will be available in both USD and in WAXP, volumetric discounts will be applied to USD sales only.

There were some awesome suggestions around pack configurations, quantities, pricing, bonuses, and those are all being taken into consideration around future drops, and marketing for this set, along with all other collections, will be increasing.



Regarding Pro Set 2021 - all trade offers for replacement cards are out. Thanks again for your patience with those.

Hope everyone's having a Good Friday (the 13th!) wherever you are!

MAY 3, 2022

Gum: Will be the mechanism and economy for upgrade opportunities and more. There will be more than one way to acquire gum and we plan for different varieties (or flavors) of gum. Gum is an evolving concept and we anticipate being as creative as possible in the types of gum issued, how it is acquired and how it can be used.

Redemption and Completion Bonuses: While there are currently no redemption programs planned for physical products, we do recognize the desire for Leaf to adopt redemption programs and make physical assets available. Similarly - there will be completion bonuses. We're currently working on some for Draft Day, and will then look to make some retroactive.

Roadmap: Next up will be 2021 Metal Draft Baseball collection, which will launch later this month with details coming soon. Initial thoughts on future drops will also be announced in the next week. We have some very cool assets ready to be made available.


APRIL 28, 2022

Hey Everyone - Thank you to everyone that supported the Metal Pop Cetnruy collection - You have some of the earliest NFTs available for an incredible group of Pop Culture personalities.

Here are some fresh updates: All exchange offers for Ed O’Neill and Joe Exotic cards with broken image links have been sent out, and all affected customers have been airdropped their pack matches. Last night, I had jumped in to help get some of these trades done, and I inadvertently sent out some Crystal packs instead of Prismatic packs. That's my bad, and to make up for it, we'll happily trade out a Prismatic pack for a crystal pack. So...if you were affected by the Exotic Bundy issues, send us one of your bonus Prismatic packs, and we'll hook you up with a crystal pack.

Our support team will accept the trades within 24 business hours, which is approximately 2,880 Discord minutes. Sales for Metal Pop Century packs will be closing TONIGHT at 9pm PST.

These packs may contain the Ed O'Neil and Joe Exotic cards with broken image links, and we'll continue to support trades via the form. Expect 24 hours for the trade to be initiated, but we'll try to do it faster.

Regarding the Draft Day drop, here's how it's going to work:

Thursday April 28 - Round 1: We'll release cards for each player as they get drafted.

Friday April 29 - Rounds 2 and 3: We'll release all drafted player cards at the end of the day (once the rounds close).

Saturday April 30 - Rounds 4-7: Again, we'll release all drafted player cards at the end of the day when the rounds close.

All cards will be open editions and will be available through Sunday at 9pm PST. Purchased cards will be distributed in draft order starting Monday May 1, 2022 at 12pm PST and all cards should be distributed within 24 hours Some drafted players will not have a Leaf NFT.

While we would like to have an agreement with each draft pick, unfortunately that is usually not possible. -- Moving forward, our primary method of communication is going to be Twitter and our official website. Please go ahead and give us a follow, and we'll begin Tweeting closer to the Draft starting.

As for the Wax Discord channel, we will continue to pop in here, as will our customer service team (as soon as their posting permissions clear) but official announcements, contests, trivia, and all that stuff will be coming from the Twitter account For those we let down, we sincerely apologize.

We might make mistakes moving forward but will always do everything in our power to fix. We have some incredible drops coming down the road starting with the Draft Day release, and hope you will all join us.

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